PRIMEPRINT - General introduction of the system

3D print, wash process, and light-cure with the Primeprint 3D printer and Primeprint PPU (post-processing unit). Primeprint collaborates with software for automated print and post-processing, and extensive material management.

The system consists of the printer and a post processing unit (ppu). These components are not small, so You should calculate, that You have enough space for the footprint. Both units need a wired network connection. You should have two access point for this. The most important part is the Primeprint box, a transport container that ensures a clean and safe application without direct contact to the resin. Inside the printer is located the material unit, that contains the material cartridge. for each material You need a separate material unit. The PPU contains beside the the transport box two two washing containers to pre-wash and finally wash the printed object in isopropanol. Please notice, that You need two of these containers for every material that You use - that means You need a lot of space to store them all. Additionally the PPU needs a gas tube with nitrogen to prevent the formation of an oxygen inhibition layer during light curing.
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