IPS e.max CAD Abutment Solutions: Making of a Hybrid Abutment Crown - Part 1

All steps of the post processing of the milled crown before the crystallization process

After cutting the sprue the surface should be smoothened with special, diamond containing stones. For the try-in the Ti-Base can be fixed in the block with the help of a light body silicone impression material. The try-in can be a little bit difficult, because there might be a difference between axis of the implant and the direction of insertion of the crown. The adjustment of the inter proximal areas should be done very careful with the help of thin articulation foil. Staining and glazing is equal to that one on normal crowns, with one exception: The sub gingival ares should NOT be stained and glazed. For the firing the abutment crown should be placed of a special, very thin firing pin with the support of Object Fix Flow firing paste. For the firing a standard program must be used. Because of the thickness of these crown do not use speed sintering.
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15:29 Min.

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