GC Initial LiSi-Blocks - Characterization of an Upper Central with Lustre Paste One

Monothithic LiSi Ceramics can be individualized with glaze and stains of the GC Lustre Pastes One. A systematically working procedure is shown here.

GC Lustre Pastes ONE offer an impressive possibility to improve the esthetics of milled, monochromatic Initial LiSi restorations. The process should be done systematically. It starts with the first step - application of the Gaze Paste Lustre Neutral Fluo. Step 2 is lowering the brightness in the incised area to achieve the effect of translucency with Light Grey and Light Blue. In step 3 the Halo Effect can be created with Vanilla. Then in step 4 the body will be shaded with Body A and B. Step 5: Mixing the upper and lower areas leads to a transition zone. A Mamelon Effect can be created in form of 3 typical cones with Orange. In the next step we can create some 'Irregularities' with Opal Effect. In step 9 the Halo effect can be improved with Twilight. In step 10 a Clean Up is finishing the process.
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08:16 Min.

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