ZIRCONIA - Part 5: Surface Treatment of Pre-sintered Zirconia

With a small kit of 4 instruments (Zirconia Processing Kit by CMC / Meisinger) it is possible to optimize the surface of milled Zirconia restorations.

Zirconia is after milling very weak and very fragile. The surface is very sentive against pollution. You should urgently use gloves and wear a face mask. At first the restoration must be removed from the block. The sprues can be cutted by a tungsten carbide bur. Then the areas of the sprues must be smoothed. The best solution is the use of a rough silicone polisher. Together with the Meisinger Company we created a small set of instruments for this. Other areas and especially the margins should be smoothed by a conical formed polisher. Finally there is a disk from the same material wich can be used for the inter proximal areas.
Difficulty level:
Advanced |Professional
Creation date:
09:09 Min.

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